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Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of From Inside of my Signature Online Course Meltdown Manual
Kelsea Occupational Therapist Attention. Anxiety. Self-Esteem. Hyperactivity. Impulsivity.
Kelsea Occupational Therapist Attention. Anxiety. Self-Esteem. Hyperactivity. Impulsivity.

Your sensory roadmap to regulating
& healing your nervous system.

The Sensory

Kids Sensory
7/29 Workshop

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This does not substitute medical advice or an official Occupational Therapy Evaluation or Consultation.

This is strictly for educational & informational purposes.

Sensory Lifestyle (n)
The way in which a person lives their life in order to meet their sensory needs so
they can be more regulated and feel their best

A regular occurrence when working with Kelsea @Sensory_Therapist


Kelsea Newman OTR/L


Hey I'm Kelsea!  I'm an Occupational Therapist from Atlanta, Georgia and Proud ADHDer. Growing up I struggled with sensory processing difficulties (& had no idea), anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.I felt so alone, worthless, and like I hit rock bottom.It wasn't until I learned about Sensory Processing and the world of Occupational Therapy, while I was a freshman at the University of Georgia that my life completely changed.

For the next 10 years, my life revolved around learning everything I can about Sensory Processing, Emotional Regulation, and learning how to empower kids to progress faster by growing stronger (1) physically, (2), mentally, and (3) emotionally.

Now it's 2020...
⭐️ And I wake up every morning grateful to be alive, and excited to pursue work that fills my soul.
⭐️ I have created a sensory lifestyle formula with a holistic approach (sensory therapy, somatic therapy, psychology, neuroscience, nutrition, emotional well-being, physical growth, and brain rewiring) that has entirely changed my life and hundreds of kids & families.

I have combined all of my knowledge, life experience living with ADHD, and trainings in a variety of topics including Sensory Therapy, Somatic Therapy, Integrated Listening System, EMDR, and more to create Sensory Life Academy. Over the years, I have worked in schools, clinics, hospitals, farms, homes, and in other countries.  While I was working in all those different settings, I realized that there is a huge gap and that is sensory education for Neurodivergent adults & parents. I decided to change that by creating Sensory Therapy Retreat for Adults and Sensory Life Academy for Parent. 

⭐️ I am here to give you the permission slip to dream big + Level up by learning how to add more Sensory Therapy & Strategies into your life for more Peace & Regulation.

⭐️ I am here to teach you how to teach you a PRATICAL & EASY APPROACH to daily sensory therapy and sensory tools that you can naturally implement in your day to day lives for more peace and sensory healing to feel empowered, unstoppable, and FREE.

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