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Sensory Life
Your Step-by-Step Guide to Helping Kids with a
Sensitive Nervous System go from Dysregulated  to Regulated & Thriving
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The Formula

Learn the Formula of what our Senses & Nervous System NEEDS to regulate. This is where Sensory is made SIMPLE by telling you the exact steps & strategies to create LASTING transformation that gets to the root.


The Tools

You are given the TOOLS to put what you learned into action. Evaluations, Planners, Meditations, Sensory Exercises, Quick Regulation Strategies, Sound Therapy, SO MUCH MORE. 



You are given support. We should not have to navigate this ALONE. You are worthy of support, comfort, feeling seen & heard. You will receive support during our LIVE Q&A's and inside of our new facebook group to continue connecting after the program. 

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​Why this Online Course?


Trying to figure out how to help your child regulate & meet their sensory needs can be an confusing and overwhelming venture. Signing up for all the therapies, reading all the books, going to all the school meetings...and while those are helpful...they do not include the most important part. The part that is often missing...a crash course that helps you gain a deep understanding of your child's sensory needs and how to help support their nervous system at home, in class, in sessions, or any setting .

I created Sensory Life Academy because I believe it should not be this difficult for Parents and Non-OT's to learn and understand sensory processing...knowledge that can help you support YOU, your child, and your entire families nervous system for more peace & happiness! My goal is to make Sensory Therapy more accessible to help spread awareness about Sensory Processing. Imagine if kids' senses were strengthened and nourished the classroom, in speech sessions, counseling sessions, and at home. There is a huge need right now to spread awareness about sensory processing to help kids be better understood and supported by the world.

This online regulation program is an all encompassing guide that makes it EASY. Whether your child is experiencing frequent meltdowns, anxiety, sensory challenges, hyperactivity, impulsivity, inattention, or simply want to help your child grow stronger mentally and emotionally, you're in the right place,  
Throughout this program, you will gain a deeper understanding of what our Nervous Systems need to regulate. I provide you with guidance you need to help your child break the "dysregulation" cycle and strengthen their mind so your child can be more regulated, confident, and at peace. We are not here for a quick fix, we are here to truly heal. I hope that this program helps you steer on a lasting journey of healing, happiness, peace, and freedom. I can't wait to see you and your child feel empowered and learn how this program makes it way into your life. 

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