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I'm so glad you're here and a part of the Sensory Community ♡ Here is a quick start guide to my membership, freebies, & favorite tools!
NEW! Demand Avoidance
Workshop for ND Adults, Parents, & Practitioners ♡

Every month inside my membership, I hold a different workshop and November's is all about Demand Avoidance! Take a Sneak Peak inside our Sensory Therapy Membership and learn my Sensory Trauma Protocol for navigating Demand Avoidance as both a Practitioner and more importantly a Demand Avoidant ADHDer with firsthand experience.
Free Masterclass
Sensory, Trauma, & ADHD Masterclass ♡

Watch a Free Workshop that will entirely change how you view Sensory, Trauma, & ADHD. Learn the important relationship between the three that will change the way you view everything and serve as a pivotal initial stepping stone on your sensory healing journey. This Masterclass is for Neurodivergent Adults & Highly Sensitive Adults, Parents to Sensory Sensitive Kids, and Practitioners interested in Sensory Training!
Sensory Therapy Membership
Online Guided Sensory Therapy & Training Certification ♡

A monthly membership designed for sensitive souls who are seeking a therapy & step-by-step program created just for neurodivergents to strengthen their nervous systems to help with their confidence, energy, focus, anxiety, depression, sensory triggers, and their trauma. This membership is also open to Practitioners (Therapists, Coaches, Teachers) who want to become Sensory Trauma Trained & have an even greater impact on your Neurodivergent Clients.
Free  Gifts 
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